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Advantage of a Small Bank Business Loan

Whenever we think of companies and the services they provide, we often assume that a big and known company is the one better. We think...

What is Consumer Credit and its Importance?

We often hear the term consumer credit but do we really know what it means? Does it really have any importance in my daily life?...

Personal Loans are Good for Solving Tax Problems

Got a tax problem? Don’t feel bad. Thousands of people every year in the Spring do their income tax return and find that they not...

How to Invest in Your Furniture Without Going Out of the Budget

An office is not complete without any furniture. Great furniture can make a pantry a place of comfort and rest rather than a place for...

Digital Marketing Tips

The 74% of adults and even the millennials are spending almost five hours a day on social media platforms to get real updates from friends, family and even social news. More so,
beginners in business will definitely take advantage of using these platforms.

However, in using these platforms, there are social media marketing practices that are not recommendable to follow or even practice. It will certainly damage your business
reputation as well as your branding.

Let us identify each social media marketing mistake that most of the failed businesses did in the past and try to avoid.

1. Ignoring customers complaints
Handling negative feedbacks from customers is essential to your business. Exerting effort in running social media marketing should also be applied when trying to make amends
towards the negative reviews. Instead of asking your team why you received tons of bad reviews, analyze, find and provide solutions not to commit the same mistake that made
your customer felt bad and wrote complaints.

Afterward, explain your side thoroughly to the customers and ensure them that it will not happen again.

2. Using too much color based on your mood

For every business, it always has a strategic plan and ways to implement them. But, if you are posting content and graphic designs using multiple colors, that do not represent your branding is a big mistake. Always stick to your brand colors, let your target market recognize you the way you conduct social media marketing, posting content and colors used
in graphic designs.

Examples of companies who have used consistently their established colors are as follows:

  • Subway – green and yellow
  • Baskin Robbins – blue and pink
  • Chanel – black
  • Hermes – orange
  • Toyota – all shades of silver

3. Opening your social media accounts to the public for rent

This is one of the common malpractices when it comes to social media. Account owners tend to open their Facebook page to the public for rent. Example: Posting of renter’s three
links a day cost around Php5,000.00 per week or posting five articles per week cost around Php7,000.00 per month

Some of the Facebook business page owners practice this as one of the ways to generate revenue. When in fact, it only damages your branding, business reputation and most of all confusing your target audiences when you run a social media marketing campaign.

Social Media is indeed a powerful resource that every business owner can utilize, but if these mistakes are committed, expect your revenue and brand awareness to get low.

Advantage of a Small Bank Business Loan

Posted by admin on April 30, 2018
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Whenever we think of companies and the services they provide, we often assume that a big and known company is the one better. We think to ourselves “well if they are that big it means they have a lot of customers so they must be doing something right”. That thought process makes sense but is not always entirely accurate. A lot of businesses were good and did earn their way to the top, but as they got bigger they started taking more liberties with customer service.

This happens all the time, and by then they are so big most of their customers do not leave even if they could find better deals elsewhere. This is where the question of whether a big and well-known bank is better or Not. That sentiment that bigger is better holds true for banks just as much as any other business, but is it really the case?
Depending on your situation, the answer to that question is no. Big banks offer a lot of benefits, sure, but you might be able to get far better deals and customer service by using a smaller community bank. Small businesses almost always have great customer service and a lot of perks to keep customer loyalty. Since they are smaller, they cannot afford to lose customers like big companies do, so they go that extra mile.

When figuring out if bigger banks are better or not, you need to ask yourself what exactly you are looking for. If you just want the basic checking and savings accounts, then a smaller bank may or may not be better for you. You will have to look into your local community banks to see what kind of rates they have and check to see if they would actually save you money or not.
However, one aspect that small banks have the advantage in is bank loans. Especially small business loans. Big banks are often very hesitant to give out loans with small business loans being at the top of that list. But small community banks make most of their money by giving out small business loans. So if you are looking to open up your own business, then you should look into your local community bank.

By using a local bank you are not only helping your community by supporting them, but you are also helping your community by allowing more businesses to pop up. By keeping your local community bank afloat, you enable them to hand out loans so that people can start up that business they always dreamed about, which in turn creates jobs for your area. So not only are you getting better savings, but you are also helping out the community.

While these advantages certainly do not apply to everyone they can make a big difference. If you are deciding whether bigger banks are better, and are looking for alternatives, then look into small banks and see what they have to offer, you might be surprised at what you can find when dealing with them.

We often hear the term consumer credit but do we really know what it means? Does it really have any importance in my daily life? Well, the answer to the second question is yes. But first, let’s address the first question.

Consumer credit is the debt that is taken by individuals where the proceeds are used immediately. The funds of a Singapore personal loan or credit line are used to buy goods and services that you may need right now but may not have enough cash to pay for it. Unlike business loan Singapore and mortgage loans, the money being borrowed is used for investment or property purchase that is not intended for immediate use or consumption. The main idea of a consumer credit is having the capacity to buy the goods and services for use today and paying for it in the future.

Now one of the biggest questions we may have if we are an individual or a small business is that, does consumer credit affect us. As mentioned above, the answer is yes in a direct or indirect way. If you are a market analyst, a financial institution or even a small business enterprise, consumer credit has a direct impact on you. Measuring consumer credit can tell you how the market is doing and how it will be operating in the short term future.

When consumer credit is high and consumers purchase goods and services through payday loans and credit which are paid in the next few weeks, this tells us that the economy is doing well. When the economy is doing well, it means your business will grow as there are consumers who buy in cash and consumers who buy in credit that support the market spending.

On the other hand, if you are an individual who is the one applying for a car loan Singapore and got car refinancing for your car purchase, consumer credit is indirectly affecting you. Your concern as an individual consumer is on getting your loan and credit paid. But when the market is doing well, you have opportunities to earn and become more open to more income. The effect to an individual consumer is very minimal and barely noticeable. This is why we should continue to focus on getting our loans paid and our outstanding credit to a minimum.

Personal Loans are Good for Solving Tax Problems

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Got a tax problem? Don’t feel bad.

Thousands of people every year in the Spring do their income tax return and find that they not only owe money but also owe far more than they can pay at the time.

So the first step is the easiest, they apply for the automatic extension to buy time, delaying the filing and payment due to the following October. But then the clock is ticking to pay those taxes due.

And the summer goes by very quickly.

Sometimes even the best-laid plans for expected income and the ability to come up with the money goes sideways, which can be a real problem as October gets closer.

And you don’t want to mess with the IRS, they are the most effective collection agency existing. Instead of getting on the government’s bad side, it’s far smarter to deal with the taxes owed via personal loan or a payday loan.

A simple money lending tool can take care of the IRS and then provide sufficient time for a borrower to resolve the funds completely the rest of the year.

So don’t go into the head-to-head match with the IRS. It’s a bad idea. Instead, use an online payday loan to solve the problem and keep the government off your back.

An office is not complete without any furniture. Great furniture can make a pantry a place of comfort and rest rather than a place for just eating.

First, you need to consider the space that you want to fill with furniture. Think of how the furniture will look in that space and consider what you want the atmosphere to be like for you and your employees once the decorating is completed. You need to determine how you want the office to be. Do you want it to be classy, cozy or modern? Or you want it to be functional for any activities?

If you are looking for furniture for your office, you should consider the people who will use it. Do you always have guests? Do you need furniture suited, children, or perhaps older employees? Will your guests be using the furniture for long periods of time or for just a few minutes? The kinds of furniture you purchase will vary greatly for your office based on your answer to these questions.

It is also important to consider your budget as you prepare to purchase something major like furniture. Once you have determined a budget you can be sure to keep all your purchases within that budget rather than adjusting your budget to fit the purchases you want. If your budget is limited perhaps you will have to consider purchasing cheap furniture. Cheap furniture doesn’t mean cheap-looking as you can redecorate by choosing inexpensive, but attractive furniture made from common materials.

Furniture can be made of various materials like woods, steel/aluminum, and plastic. The good thing about these materials is that they are used in the construction of modern furniture and are available in many great designs and colors.

Take the time to shop around for the right furniture once your budget is determined. Look at several furniture stores and be sure you like the furniture a lot before you purchase it. If you don’t mind a little work and effort, check out thrift stores, local garage sales and your local newspaper for great deals on used furniture. You might even find a very high-quality piece at a greatly discounted price.

Whichever way you choose to acquire your furniture, you will be able to get a complete set for each of your rooms that will be cheap in cost, but not in looks. Filling your office with furniture can be fun and rewarding if you enjoy the process and stay within your budget.