Avoid These Social Media Marketing Mistakes If You Want To Succeed

The 74% of adults and even the millennials are spending almost five hours a day on social media platforms to get real updates from friends, family and even social news. More so,
beginners in business will definitely take advantage of using these platforms.

However, in using these platforms, there are social media marketing practices that are not recommendable to follow or even practice. It will certainly damage your business
reputation as well as your branding.

Let us identify each social media marketing mistake that most of the failed businesses did in the past and try to avoid.

1. Ignoring customers complaints
Handling negative feedbacks from customers is essential to your business. Exerting effort in running social media marketing should also be applied when trying to make amends
towards the negative reviews. Instead of asking your team why you received tons of bad reviews, analyze, find and provide solutions not to commit the same mistake that made
your customer felt bad and wrote complaints.

Afterward, explain your side thoroughly to the customers and ensure them that it will not happen again.

2. Using too much color based on your mood

For every business, it always has a strategic plan and ways to implement them. But, if you are posting content and graphic designs using multiple colors, that do not represent your branding is a big mistake. Always stick to your brand colors, let your target market recognize you the way you conduct social media marketing, posting content and colors used
in graphic designs.

Examples of companies who have used consistently their established colors are as follows:

  • Subway – green and yellow
  • Baskin Robbins – blue and pink
  • Chanel – black
  • Hermes – orange
  • Toyota – all shades of silver

3. Opening your social media accounts to the public for rent

This is one of the common malpractices when it comes to social media. Account owners tend to open their Facebook page to the public for rent. Example: Posting of renter’s three
links a day cost around Php5,000.00 per week or posting five articles per week cost around Php7,000.00 per month

Some of the Facebook business page owners practice this as one of the ways to generate revenue. When in fact, it only damages your branding, business reputation and most of all confusing your target audiences when you run a social media marketing campaign.

Social Media is indeed a powerful resource that every business owner can utilize, but if these mistakes are committed, expect your revenue and brand awareness to get low.

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